Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vampirism in TriadCity

TriadCity's unique spin on vampirism is not yet online, but, all fingers and toes crossed, will be soon.  I thought I'd use this space to highlight something of what makes it distinct from tradition.

Yes, TC vampires can't live without human blood.  Accept no substitutes!  Exsanguinate a vagrant today!

But.  There's something more fundamental.  TC vampires can't live without charisma.  Essentially they're vanity junkies caught in an addiction cycle which spins like this:

Must have blood.  Must have charisma.  Being seen doing something as low-rent as sucking blood totally hoses charisma.  Eeeps!  What to do?  Aha!  Hire some poor fellow to do it for you.

Thus: TC vampires seldom do their own dirty work.  They hire you to do it for them, creating a brisk black market for fresh human blood.

And: TC vampires form an underground secret society, including many of the most wealthy and prominent figures of the NorthEastern Third.  They have to be wealthy, after all: hiring you to secure their blood jones doesn't come cheap.

In our silly and semi-serious way we're evoking literary theorist Franco Moretti's argument in Signs Taken for Wonders that while Frankenstein evokes middle-class anxieties over the powerful and untamed working class "monster" created by Capitalism, Dracula evokes the parasitical side of Capitalism itself.  What better image for, oh, I dunno, how about Sam Walton or the Koch Brothers, than blood-sucking bling addicts slowly starving the rest of us to death?

We'll introduce Vampirism shortly by opening the supersilly Vampire Theme Park in NorthEast.  Vampires themselves to follow soon after.

See you in The City.

Robert Natkin, abstract

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